Editor’s note: The following letter is from the North Carolina Watermen United. In North Carolina, hunting on Sundays, except on private lands, is prohibited. A link to a WUNC pro-and-con story, a National Public Radio station, discussing this and the other proposed amendments on the Tuesday ballot, is at the end of the letter.

NCWU is asking that you vote “No” on the “N.C. Right to Hunt and Fish” proposed constitutional amendment.

The description of the proposed amendment was written by the Constitutional Amendments Publication Commission that is supposed to explain any amendments, but the N.C. General Assembly refused to write the companion legislation so the public would know how it will be interpreted – which leaves the commission with little guidance.

NCWU’s concerns are that the amendment is too vague. At the second reading, commercial fishing was taken out, and there was NEVER any mention of the charter/headboat industry; only recreational fishing is supported in the Amendment as it reads.

There is a veiled threat that the commission could take away the rights for commercial gear. For example, using gill nets could be denied, and even the possibility of taking away the rights of charter/headboat fisheries.

The CCA (Coastal Conservation Association) is supporting this amendment through the Sound Economy Facebook page.

It further opens the door to Sunday hunting for waterfowl which would hurt both the birds and the guides who depend on their abundance. If Sunday hunting continues to be denied, passage of the amendment would allow hunters to claim that their constitutional rights are being denied.

Please vote No on this amendment and share this email and our concerns with all hunters and fishermen.

Yours truly,                                                                        

Britt Shackelford
Board member
PO Box 536; Hatteras, NC 27943  


Perry Wood Beasley
Billy Maxwell

Andrew Berry                   
Greg Mayer
Capt. Sonny Davis   
Jamie Reibel
Ernie Doshier                    
Duke Spencer
Ernie Foster
Bradley Styron
Tom Harper                       
Rom Whitaker
Glen Hopkins

For pro and con information from WUNC about this and the other proposed constitutional amendments, click here.


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