From the National Weather Service out of Morehead City this morning (Apr. 19):

We are becoming increasingly concerned for a widespread severe weather outbreak late today and especially tonight, from around 6 p.m. until 9 a.m. Saturday.

An upgrade to a moderate threat for severe storms has been issued for parts of Eastern North Carolina, especially inland areas.

This means that widespread severe thunderstorms are likely. Damaging winds to 55-75 mph are the main threat, but isolated tornadoes are also a possibility. 

The graphics below show the expected impacts for Ocracoke.


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  1. Another incomprehensible NOAA graphic – a color bar with arrows on both ends and no reference as to what each color represents.

    • Well, in the first graphic, the arrows point to “significant” winds and T-storms, moderate possibility of flooding, etc…. In the second one, it looks like Ocracoke may have winds of 56 mph.

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