Dr. Gregory Murphy

State Rep. Greg Murphy won Tuesday’s runoff for the Republican nomination in North Carolina’s 3rd Congressional District.

He will be on the ballot along with Democrat Allen Thomas, Libertarian Tim Harris and Constitution Party candidate Greg Holt for the Sept. 10 general election.

Tuesday’s election was a runoff primary election to determine the Republican on the ballot Sept. 10 for the special general election to fill out the term of the late Rep. Walter Jones Jr., who died Feb. 10, and for which 17 candidates of various parties stepped up.

The ballot for the April 30 primary for North Carolina’s 3rd Congressional District, which includes 17 counties in eastern North Carolina, included 17 Republicans, six Democrats, two Libertarians and one Constitution Party candidate.  

Since none of the Republican candidates received 30 percent of the vote, a primary runoff was needed between the top two finishers, Murphy and Perry.

Murphy, a member of the North Carolina General Assembly representing District 9, easily defeated challenger Joan Perry, garnering  21,444 votes (59.71 percent) to Perry’s 14,472 (40.29 percent). The total of votes cast was about 11.5 percent of eligible voters.

In Hyde County, Murphy received 145 votes and Perry, 52.  On Ocracoke, only 26 votes were cast with Murphy getting 20 of them 

Jones, of Greenville, had served the District since 1995.

Information on the candidates can be found at ballotpedia.org.

Greg Holt
Tim Harris
Allen Thomas


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