The Outer Banks Community Foundation, Southern Shores, will offer an emergency, rapid-response grants cycle to support nonprofit organizations after Hurricane Dorian.

The deadline to apply is Friday, Sept. 20.

The primary goal of these grants is to enable nonprofits to provide immediate disaster relief and short-term recovery support to residents of Dare County and Ocracoke.

These grants will be considered to help nonprofits in Dare County or Ocracoke repair or replace any facilities, equipment, buildings, or other assets that were lost or damaged due to Hurricane Dorian, if the nonprofit demonstrates that funds are needed immediately.

Nonprofit organizations serving Ocracoke and/or Dare County with 501(c)3 public charity status may apply, including those organizations that already have an active grant with the Community Foundation. Local organizations may be given priority for funding.

Schools, government agencies, and individuals are not eligible to apply.

Churches and faith-based organizations may apply if they are assisting the wider community (i.e., not just members of their own faith or congregation), and if their outreach does not include the promotion of religious beliefs. Grantees must provide services on a nondiscriminatory basis.

Eligible Projects and Grant Expenses

Grants can pay for food, supplies, equipment, educational materials and other tangible goods and direct expenses. Operating, overhead, and indirect costs are not eligible for grant funding.

Special emphasis may be given to efforts that help the most vulnerable and/or the most people.

Contract help and/or additional program staff may also be eligible, if used for extra personnel that was hired or augmented to meet the need after Dorian. Grants are to be used for program staff only. Neither administrative nor management staff time is eligible.

Rapid response grants are not intended to be used by a nonprofit to provide direct financial assistance to hurricane victims. Financial assistance to individuals will be covered through the Community Foundation’s Disaster Relief Funds, in cooperation with our existing nonprofit partners. Please call our staff if you have questions about these parameters.

Second Priority: If funds are available, grants may be considered to help nonprofits in repairing or replacing any facilities, equipment, buildings, or other assets in Dare County or Ocracoke that were lost or damaged due to Hurricane Dorian. This includes all nonprofits in the affected area, not just relief-related nonprofits. For eligibility within this rapid-response grant cycle, a nonprofit should demonstrate that funds are needed immediately. For non-immediate needs, nonprofits may be encouraged to apply in 2020 when additional funds are available.

Repair of public infrastructure or facilities is not eligible for funding (e.g., road or school repair).

All grants will be paid on a reimbursement basis. Grant expenses must be substantiated by third-party documentation (e.g., receipts, statements, and invoices). These documents should be generated from your vendor, not from your organization, with the exception of documentation of staff time. Grants for staff time will be paid upon the furnishing of time sheets. Please ask our staff for sample time sheets or if you have questions.

Any expenses incurred during, after, and even immediately before Dorian are eligible within this grant program.

Before applying, please call or email Lorelei Costa (252-455-1404 or to discuss your nonprofit’s needs.

Applications should consist of a one- or two-page letter, briefly describing the mission of your nonprofit, your project, the need you are meeting, and who will benefit from your services. Please be as specific as possible in terms of the number and demographics of the people you serve.

With your letter, please include a project budget and, if you’ve never received a grant from the Community Foundation, your 501(c)3 letter.

Email your letter on or before Friday, Sept. 20, to Grants will be announced on Friday, Sept. 27.

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