Hurricane Dorian strikes Ocracoke. Photo: C. Leinbach

The Ocracoke Observer October 2019 print issue will be devoted exclusively to the impact of Hurricane Dorian.  We invite individuals and groups who have assisted here on the island to submit observations for this issue to

Please limit your comments to approximately 100 words. Include name, town and state or country. Your comments may be edited for brevity, clarity and grammar. Deadline is Wednesday, Oct. 2, 2019.

We may post these online. If you have a photo to accompany the text, please include along with a photo credit.


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  1. This Place, These People

    Still water’s not all that runs so very deep.
    Flood tide can fill your heart, will surely make you weep
    for all who lost so much of what they thought they’d always keep.
    Yet so many gave of what they had- giving still!- no thought of sleep.

    A thousand loving stories of the small, the human kind,
    the generous, the gracious, the ties that truly bind.
    So many stepping forward to leave no one behind.
    An island rising from the sea, community defined.

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