Donations Ocracoke via the Outer Banks Community Foundation are helping the island rebuild from the devastation of Hurricane Dorian. Photo: C. Leinbach

From the Outer Banks Community Foundation

Southern Shores–More than 65 households on Ocracoke have been awarded assistance for Hurricane Dorian recovery from money raised by the Outer Banks Community Foundation.

As relief efforts continue on the island, much more financial assistance will come, according to Community Foundation representatives.

The Ocracoke Firehouse Committee, which is the group of volunteers disbursing the Community Foundation’s Disaster Relief Fund, reviewed dozens of applications over the weekend, and awarded monies to over 65 families. Funds have been awarded for roof repairs, appliances, furniture, car down payments, utilities, rental assistance, wheelchair ramps, medications and medical equipment, insulation, pilings, electrical repairs and much more.

“We are so excited to get these disaster relief dollars to Ocracokers to make life easier for our neighbors,” said Lorelei Costa, Community Foundation executive director. “Islanders still grapple daily with significant challenges, and this is just the beginning of many grants to come over the next many months. It’s our highest priority to assist local households with financial need as expeditiously and as prudently as possible.”

The Firehouse Committee has also approved funding to assist with temporary shelter for displaced residents. In partnership with Hyde County, which expects to purchase 35 temporary trailers for local families while their homes are rebuilt or repaired, the Firehouse Committee has committed funding to connect these trailers with power, water, septic and gas.

“We are incredibly grateful to our partners with the Ocracoke Fire Department, and the volunteer case managers with the Ocracoke Interfaith Relief and Recovery Team,” Costa said. “These dedicated folks are working tirelessly to assist disaster victims, ascertain their needs, and diligently steward our donated dollars to help as many people as possible.”

In Dare County, including on Hatteras Island, the Disaster Relief Fund has also helped many families with home repairs, roof replacements, temporary shelter and more.

To request assistance from the Firehouse Committee and the Outer Banks Community Foundation, full-time residents may contact the Firehouse Committee by emailing

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