From the Ocracoke Interfaith Relief & Recovery Team

The American Red Cross will be on Ocracoke Island from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. this Saturday and Sunday at the Masonic Lodge on Back Road in order to assess how they may provide assistance to those whose homes have been demolished or majorly damaged due to Hurricane Dorian.

This assessment is an initiative both organized and headed by The Red Cross. The Ocracoke Interfaith Relief & Recovery Team’s role in this event is only to help provide facilities for the event and initial casework.

The following is information from the Red Cross:

The Red Cross will need documents from the following list to verify identity. Acceptable documents must include the applicant’s name, date of birth, and photograph. 

  • Driver’s license or state ID 
  • Other government-issued ID 
  • U.S. or foreign passport 
  • U.S. permanent resident card 
  • Consular ID 
  • Military ID or military dependent ID (can only be verified at an in-person enrollment event when two verifiers are present at event)  

Documents that can verify proof of residence are listed below. Acceptable documents must include the applicant name, pre-disaster address, and be dated within 60 days of the event: 

  • Mortgage statement 
  • Deed (does not have to be within 60 days) 
  • Tax assessor record (does not have to be within 60 days) 
  • Affidavit of ownership interest (does not have to be within 60 days) 
  • Current rental agreement or lease 
  • Current co-signed lease agreement 
  • Recent rental payments
  • Recent utility bill (for electric, water, gas, cable/satellite, or landline phone services) 
  • Recent mailed bank statement 
  • Current vehicle insurance card or vehicle registration 
  • Other official documents such as mail from a child’s school dated within 60 days prior to the disaster  
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