The debris pile from Hurricane Dorian is much reduced since trash trucks were authorized to travel via the Hatteras ferry. Photo by Samantha Hodson

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From Hyde County

The Hurricane Dorian curbside debris removal program has completed two passes on Ocracoke Island and is in its third and final pass.

Debris removal continues on the mainland on a limited basis and all debris removal is scheduled to be completed by Feb. 15. After that, curbside collection of storm debris on both mainland Hyde and Ocracoke will be discontinued. So it is imperative that the county identifies any collection needs now and for islanders to plan any further tear outs or demolitions accordingly.

The Dorian debris pile as of Jan. 1. Photo: C. Leinbach

In order to assist the contractor and Hyde County in ending debris removal before this final collection phase, the county is asking residents with current or anticipated collection needs to reach out and identify their need with Teresa Adams, the county liaison. Adams has regular office hours at the Ocracoke Community Center on from 9 a.m. to noon on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
She also can be reached at 252-368-6430 during normal working hours and via email at

Any islanders who currently have storm debris or know of any storm debris in the right of way
that has not yet been picked up please contact Adams to ensure it is collected. Please continue to segregate your debris according to the attached diagram and if you have questions about how to specifically segregate or handle materials please contact Adams for guidance and please specify the address or nearest landmark and describe the debris collection need if possible by construction debris, vegetation, white goods or hazardous materials.

If you have plans to complete a tear out or demolition, please contact Jane Hodges in the Hyde County Building Inspections office at 252-926-4178 for a permit.

Permit fees have been waived for Dorian recovery activities but completing the demolition permit application will be necessary to ensure your tear out or demolition is scheduled for debris removal. After the completion of the third and final pass, contractors will be required to privately contract to lease a container. Construction debris will not be accepted at the Hyde County
Convenience Site in bulk.

If you are aware of an abandoned motor vehicle within the right of way, please also report this to Adams as she will be compiling a list of flooded vehicles on the island for the purpose of contracting for their removal.

Please do not hesitate to reach out and let the county know of your debris removal needs
or to ask questions by calling Adams. She will work with our team to best meet your needs or answer your questions.

Through public feedback we can best meet the needs of all and continue to recover as a stronger and more resilient community

Debris placement chart. Ocracokers should NOT include household trash in the debris pick-up.
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