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From Hyde County

The Hyde County commissioners on Thursday will modify entry access for mainland non-resident property owners during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As of Thursday, April 9, all non-resident property owners (NRPOs) wishing to enter mainland Hyde County will need a temporary entry pass to enter the county.

The action follows Gov. Roy Cooper’s March 30 “Stay at Home” order for the entire state to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Non-resident property owners and their immediate family only will be issued entry passes. Every person in the vehicle will need to be verified and listed on the permit or access will be denied. The Hyde County Sheriff’s Office will have access to the list of permits issued at all times.

This change came about after the commissioners discussed an influx of visitors and non-resident property owners to mainland Hyde last weekend.

Until now, Hyde only banned visitors to the mainland while allowing non-resident property owners but Monday night’s discussion with Sheriff Guire Cahoon revealed uncertainty as to who is allowed in.

Ocracoke’s restrictions are different. Following recommendations from the Ocracoke Deputy Control Group, the commissioners on March 19 restricted new visitors to Ocracoke but not to mainland Hyde.

The commissioners later required any NRPO to have a building permit if they want to come to the island to fix their home.

As for mainland Hyde non-resident property owners access to their properties, the Hyde County press release says their applications will be reviewed by staff for verification. If additional information is needed, the county will contact the applicant.

Please allow one business day to process applications. When the application is approved, the applicant will receive an email and entry pass, which should be printed and placed on the dashboard when traveling to Hyde County. If the permit can’t be printed, showing the pass on a cell phone is acceptable. If the application is not approved, Hyde County will send an email explaining why.

Those people who work in or are residents of Hyde County do not need a pass but they should carry proof of residency at all times when traveling in and out of the county.

A North Carolina driver’s license is the preferred way to prove residency. Vendors and delivery services also do not need a pass but should be able to produce evidence that they represent that company. 

Residents of Beaufort, Dare, Tyrrell and Washington counties shall be granted entry to mainland Hyde County only for activities permitted by the governor’s order and also do not need a pass. However, proof of residency is required.

To submit your application for entry, go to our website at www.hydecountync.gov and navigate to the Mainland COVID-19 Entry page. If you have any questions, email the Public Information Officer Donnie Shumate, at dshumate@hydecountync.gov or call 252-926-4474 during business hours.

Hyde County appreciates all of our nonresident property owners and our visitors and hope that through cooperative, proactive measures we can stop the spread of COVID-19 and resume our normal travels soon. 

The Ocracoke Island re entry pass system is active and can be accessed at www.hydecountync.gov/ocracoke-covid.

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