Hyde County sheriff calls on Ocracoke have picked up in the last month, especially with speeding infractions for cars and golf carts.

The speed limit island wide is 20 mph.

Corporal Blackburn Warner reported the following from July 16 to Aug. 15:

Three DWIs, all cars; two minor traffic accidents; one assault with a deadly weapon in which someone hit another person with a car. The injured person was treated and released at the hospital.

There was one sexual battery charge and one hit-and-run to property.

One fraud case was charged in which an islander received numerous emails in an internet scam.

Warner noted that some islanders have noted on Facebook that there was shoplifting in some shops.

“Reports on Facebook are not a true report,” he said. If people want to report crimes in progress they should call 911, he said.

Warner said the deputies have had some calls of customers not wearing face coverings in businesses requiring them.

“If (those not wearing masks) don’t leave, it’s trespassing,” he said.

But the deputies have had no altercations or arrests for these COVID-19 pandemic precautions.

The Ocracoke Volunteer Fire Department had the following calls in the same period:

Nine medical responder calls and three medevacs. There were no fire calls. 

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