The Hyde County Sheriff’s office reports that Ocracoke continues to enjoy a relatively calm fall.

Although a more party crowd showed up on the island in August bringing some loud carrying-on, said Captain Jason Daniels. That resulted in drunk and disruptive charges levied on two folks in the period from Aug. 16 to Sept. 15. 

Daniels also reported the following infractions:

One minor vehicle crash; one dog bite after which the dog was quarantined. Daniels said the dog’s rabies shots were up to date.

There was one simple possession of marijuana; three larcenies; and one DWI.

The deputies have issued a number of traffic violations, particularly underage drivers at the wheel of golf carts and some speeding tickets.

Daniels noted that the electronic speed detection signs around the village are helping.

“If that sign can slow you down and keep us from writing you a ticket, that’s great,” he said.

The Ocracoke Volunteer Fire Department reported the following calls in the same period:

Ten medical responders and three medevacs.

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