The full moon, photographed on May 27, 2021, by Richard Taylor

The Moonraker Tea Shop will celebrate the Chinese Moon Festival on Sept. 21, a full moon night.

The shop will offer traditional Chinese moon cakes and two or three Chinese teas to sample during the day, star-gazing kits and other moon-related items for sale, said Maria Holt, owner.

The moon cakes she has ordered from two Chinese bakeries in California are dumpling-like pastries made with lotus paste with an egg yolk inside wrapped in a pastry.

“The eggs represent the moon, and the paste represents the firmament,” she said. “It’s actually quite good.”

Round foods are popular for this festival as their shapes mimic the moon.

After dark, all are invited to the Lifeguard Beach to gaze at the full moon where Holt will host the gathering that will offer beverages, such as decaf tea.

Holt will have some binoculars available for viewing the nightscape.

“It’s more like family and friends hanging out that night,” she said. “Bring your own chair.”

The Moon Festival, often referred to as Chinese Thanksgiving, she said, is held on the first full moon of the fall.

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