Reid Robinson, captain of the charter boat “The Devereaux,” died in October.

Drawing of Reid Robinson by Emily Kozlowski.


Ocracoke Island lost a colorful soul this past year, who gave us some great memories and friendship for the many years we came down and vacationed on your beautiful island. 

We met Captain Reid Robinson in the early ‘90s when my family and friends first visited Ocracoke.  Our kids were much younger then and Reid gave them great fun on his small (relatively) boat.  He was especially fond of our daughter Emily (who drew the sketch at left) and when we were out at sea, he made all the kids laugh and made sure they caught something. 

Our friends’ daughter turned 16 a while back when we were visiting the island and we charted Reid to take us out to celebrate one beautiful evening that remains one of the best times we had on Ocracoke.  He was the best.

Over the years we tried to stay in contact with Reid and those of you who knew him also know he fell on some hard times.  Some of you really tried to help and it was out of kindness and island solidarity you did that. 

We all have our faults and Reid was no exception, but the good times and his colorful ways outweigh the bad.  I saw him for the last time in August of 2020 and knew his time was fleeting.  It was difficult saying goodbye and I wish there was more we could have done.  He will always be part of the spirit of the island, and we will never forget Captain Reid Robinson.  He will be missed.

Ted & Jeanne Kozlowski, Brewster, New York 

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  1. I will miss Reid, he would come to the nps campground and have dinner with us some time our dogs would always be all around him because he would sneak food from the table to them.

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