Sea stars like these can often be seen on the Ocracoke beach in winter. Photo: C. Leinbach

The Hyde County Commissioners will hold a public hearing tonight at 6 to seek public comment on proposed wording changes to the Ocracoke Development Ordinance (ODO) regarding travel trailers as accessory structures.

The meeting, held in the government services building in Swan Quarter, will also be in the Ocracoke Community Center and livestreamed on Facebook at the Hyde County Public Information page.

At their Jan. 20 meeting, the Ocracoke Advisory Planning Board, which oversees the ODO, responded to concerns from the county building inspector, John Contestable, and his enforcement of the ODO.

In the current ODO, travel trailers are grouped into “accessory structures” in Sec. 36-180 and the board proposes to delete that from this section.

Under the “Definitions and rules of construction” section of the ODO (Sec. 36-145), the planning board proposes the following wording:

“Travel trailer means a wheeled vehicle constructed and licensed to be permitted for public streets or highways duly designed for short term occupancy, travel, and recreational and/or vacation use. A travel trailer that is temporarily or permanently connected to utilities by definition is a dwelling unit. Utilities include, but are not limited to, electricity, water, septic system, cable, and/or telephone.

A travel trailer connected to any such utilities must be in accordance with section 36-174 and/or section 36-182.”

The proposed changes to the ODO can be viewed here.

Comments may be emailed to or by leaving a voicemail at 252-926-5288. Public comment will also be taken in person at the hearing.

Following the hearing, the regular monthly meeting will begin and the agenda for tonight’s meeting is below. More information about the meeting can be found on Hyde County’s website.

Public comments can be made by calling the above number or by going to and filling out the form.

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