The Occupancy Tax Board in 2021. Hyde County Manager Kris Noble is at left. Photo: C. Leinbach

The Ocracoke Occupancy Tax Board and the Ocracoke Tourism Development Authority (TDA) will jointly review applications for funding this year.

Of the 5% in occupancy tax collected on all lodgings on Ocracoke, the Occupancy Tax Board (OTB) manages 3% of that and the TDA manages 2%.

This year, Bob Chestnut, chair of the 3% board, said review of projects by both boards will enable them discern if the TDA can cover the costs of advertising since the TDA’s authorizing statute is to spend two thirds of its revenue on advertising for “heads in beds.”

The 3% board, in a special legislative authority specifically for Ocracoke, can award grants “for any legal purpose.”

This collaboration helps streamline all the work, Chestnut said.

“The TDA will look at events, advertising, and a little bit of infrastructure,” he said.  “This gives them a way for them to fund the things they can before it gets to us.  The TDA has specific questions (on the application) they want to ask whereas we don’t.”

The application below will be due to Chestnut by March 10 (details below). The TDA will review applications at its mid-March meeting and fund what they can according to their mandate. Then, applications (less portions funded by the TDA) will be reviewed and appropriated by the 3% Board during its April meeting, which will be sometime between April 6 to 8, to be determined.

In addition to Chestnut, members of the Occupancy Tax Board (3%) include Trudy Austin, Nancy Leach, Lena O’Neal and Ann Warner.

Members of the TDA board are Kenny Ballance, chair, Jennifer Esham, Martha Garrish and Lisa Landrum.

The following is the grant package information needed.

All funding requests should be submitted by a qualified non-profit organization or public entity. The Board members feel that “project-oriented funding” should take priority over funding for “operational expenses” of organizations. Please keep this in mind when submitting your request.

The deadline to drop off request packets is Thursday, March 10. Packets can be dropped off at Ride the Wind Surf Shop daily between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. or mailed to Bob Chestnut, P.O. Box 700, Ocracoke, NC. 27960. Please prepare seven copies of your request. Please attach additional documentation as needed. The Occupancy Tax boards may request more information as deemed necessary. All applicants will be notified once the boards have reviewed the applications.

All requests must include a Completed Checklist of Requested Information below.

“It is not the intent of the Ocracoke Occupancy Tax Board to make the process of applying for funding burdensome,” Chestnut said. “We do need detailed and consistent information from the requesting organizations to responsibly fulfill our task of making recommendations for funding to the county commissioners.”

For questions, contact Chestnut at Ride the Wind, by email, or by phone at 252-928-6311.

Below is the application in four JPGs, which can be clicked on and printed or downloaded then printed.

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