Brooke German in the doorway to her shop. Photo: C. Leinbach

By Grace West

Entrepreneurism has long been nurtured on Ocracoke.

Brooke German’s new store, Little Rituals in Spencer’s Market, honors locally-produced healthful products — candles, books, beauty products, bath soaks, crystals, journals and much more  —  perfect for fashioning personal rituals. 

An open house with refreshments will be held from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, May 14.

In this space with walls painted a calming sea green Brooke hopes people will be inspired to explore items that can benefit their lives.

“We all have rituals already in our lives,” Brooke said. “Just being aware of them and cultivating them invites us to live life more vibrantly and in synchronicity with ourselves and the world.” 

For example, one of Brooke’s rituals is that every time she enters her shop, she says a blessing of gratitude and turns on music that helps her relax and connect with her desire to be a resource for others. 

When we are intentional about choosing actions that bring more meaning in our lives we naturally slow down and become more aware of who we are and how we connect with one another and nature, she says. A win-win for sure.

When you visit Little Rituals your questions are encouraged as Brooke has a lot of experience and knowledge about practices that can enhance your body, mind and spirit. 

She is a certified sales rep for Gaia Company, an herb company based in western North Carolina, and she has access to their quality herbs and their professional educational programs on the use of herbs for various symptoms.

Brooke also will refer folks to the island’s certified herbalist, Kate McNally, to help you decide on specific herbs. If Brooke doesn’t have an herbal treatment you want in her shop, she can order it for you.

A wall of herbs in Little Rituals. Photo by Grace West

Brooke’s shop reflects all of her interests.

One of those is journal writing, and her beautiful journals might inspire you to begin or continue a writing practice.

Using music and sound to deepen one’s awareness of self and meaning is a specialty that Brooke has developed. “Sound massages” are one of these specialties.

Her shop sells singing bowls and elemental (earth, air, fire, water) chimes. She also has created a nook in her shop where she will offer small group sound meditation sessions using a variety of instruments: cello, drums, singing bowls and chimes. 

You might have heard the local expression “Ocracoma,” a state of being that the island encourages in our increasingly fast-paced world.

How can you bring yourself back to the peace of Ocracoke, mentally after you leave? You might find the answer in this shop.

You might see her and her husband playing music around the island as the duo “Brooke and Nick,” with Brooke on cello and Nick on the baritone uke and foot percussion. 

You can see them at this year’s Ocrafolk Festival June 3 to 5.

Little Rituals hours will be posted on the door. 

Little Rituals includes a gathering space for sound meditation sessions. Photo by TL Grace West
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