This report was published in the print issue Oct. 1, 2022.

This month, from Aug. 16 to Sept. 15, the Hyde County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a possible case of indecent exposure that happened on one of the Swan Quarter ferry runs.

Capt. Joe Smith said the district attorney is investigating as to whether to bring charges.

As the high tourism season winds down, Smith noted that infractions have also decreased.

Traffic stops numbered 35, down from 58 last month. He could not break down the specific infractions, but he did say that speeding tickets were fewer.

There were five traffic crashes, mostly fender-benders, he said, but one involved a patron at a local restaurant who couldn’t navigate while backing out and ended up hitting the same car twice then fled.

Eight animal calls involved dogs running loose.

One “communicating threats” was to a local woman from an ex-boyfriend.

A report of child neglect involved a woman who visited the island for the weekend and left her two small children alone in a motel.

Two domestic calls involved people loudly arguing, Smith said,

“I haven’t had a single physical domestic, that’s been reported, this summer,” he said.

There were four larcenies. One was the theft of an electric bicycle from a rental home.

Among the other infractions were two noise disturbances, three trespassing calls, five assists with the EMS, five assisting probation officers, and one suspicious person.

Smith said it has been a good year so far and the businesses all seemed to have a good season..

“I was happy with what happed this summer,” he said. “This year, the type of people who were here was different. The restaurants weren’t as packed all the time.”

Smith said a new deputy, Tyler Williams of Swan Quarter, will join the Ocracoke force.

Williams will attend the police academy and then work fulltime on Ocracoke starting in the spring.

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