The Hyde County Tax Office has hired Piner Appraisal to conduct property appraisals for all new construction and/or other alterations made to taxable real property in the county.

The appraisals for any new construction and other property alterations for the 2023 tax year will begin in Ocracoke today (Feb. 13).

Piner Appraisal officials will be in clearly marked vehicles and will wear apparel identifying them as property appraisers.

Any properties that have had construction work done since Hurricane Dorian will likely be visited to check on reconstruction progress or the completed work.

For questions or concerns about the appraisals or anyone conducting them, please contact the tax office at 252-926-4189.

New construction pickups for the mainland will begin once the work in Ocracoke is completed.

After that, appraisals for the 2024 county-wide revaluation will begin after Piner Appraisal completes all new pickups for the 2023 tax year.

The county will release more details on both as the start of both appraisal activities begin.

“We appreciate everyone’s cooperation throughout this process,” said Donnie Shumate, Hyde County public information officer in a press release. “Having accurate property values ensures that the county’s tax burden is distributed as fairly as possible.”

A Request for Proposals was issued in September for the 2024 county-wide property revaluation project and new construction pickups for the 2023 tax year.

After scoring three proposals, the project was awarded to Piner Appraisal at the Oct. 19 Board of Commissioners Special Meeting.

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