The Ocracoke School is promoting kindness and students created this Kindness Tree on view in the Ocracoke post office. Photo: C. Leinbach

Tuesday, March 21
Ocracoke Civic & Business Association meeting 6 p.m. Ocracoke Community Center.

Agenda items include:
Old business:

  1. OCBA reps to other meetings
  2. Contributor levels
  3. Website

New Business:

  1. Form a committee to work on priority pass issues with the Hatteras ferry
  2. Randal Mathews
  3. NPS report

Wednesday, March 22
The Hyde County Board of Commissioners will conduct the March Budget Retreat starting at 9 a.m. in the Hyde County Government Center, Multi-Use Room, Swan Quarter, and the Ocracoke Community Center. 

The agenda includes discussions and presentations by all Hyde County department heads and vital community partners. A Facebook Live video stream of the meeting will begin at  9 a.m. when items will be considered and will be available to watch on the Hyde County Public Information Facebook page. 

The purpose of the meeting is outlined in the agenda, click here to view.

Friday, March 24
Ocracoke Tourism Development Authority meets 9 a.m. Ocracoke Community Center.
Public viewing will be available via the Hyde County Facebook Live page.   
Note: Hard Copies are posted on the bulletin boards at the Ocracoke Post Office and Ocracoke Variety Store.
A Dropbox link to the packet contents can be found here: and includes the following:

  • March 24, 2023 BOD Meeting Agenda
  • February 24, 2023, BOD Draft Meeting minutes
  • FY 2023/2024 OTTDA Draft Budget
  • Ocracoke Safety Flyer (Revised)
  • SEO Report –FEB 1, 2023 – FEB 28, 2023
  • Executive Director Report – March 2023

N.C. Shell Club meets at Community Center, 6:30 p.m.
All are welcome. See story here.

Saturday, March 25
N.C. Shell Club meets at Community Center, 6:30 p.m. All are welcome.
Ocracoke Oyster Company: Ocracoke Rockers, 7 pm

Sunday, March 26
Fundraising spaghetti dinner and bake sale to benefit OPS Island Inn Commons landscape project. 11 am. Jason’s Restaurant.

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