Hyde County EMS is offering free Vial of Life packets to all Hyde County residents. program is a simple way for residents to ensure that vital medical information is readily available to EMS personnel when every second counts during emergencies.

Participants in this program will receive two stickers, a plastic bag, and a form to record their medical information on.

The form includes your medical history, daily medications, demographics, doctor and emergency contact.

One sticker goes on the door to the home. The other sticker goes on the Zip-loc bag where the form is stored. The bag is then attached to the resident’s refrigerator.

Having the first sticker on the door alerts the fire and EMS personnel to look for the bag and they will know exactly where to look.

“We encourage all Hyde County residents, especially those with chronic medical conditions, seniors, and families with young children, to participate in the Vial of Life Program,” said Christopher Pereira, EMS deputy chief of operations.

Key benefits of the Vial of Life program include the following:

Rapid access to critical information: When EMS responders arrive at your home, they can quickly retrieve your Vial of Life containing your medical information, allowing them to make informed decisions about your care.

Improved patient safety: By having access to your medical history, EMS can administer appropriate treatment, potentially reducing risks and complications during emergencies.

The Vial of Life packets are available from the Ocracoke Volunteer Fire Department, from EMS personnel, local churches and the health department.

For more information, contact Mike Caton at 252-945- 4364 or by email: james.caton@hydecountyems.co.

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