Shell art on view in Deepwater Theater

One of many of Mike Dagliesh’s constructed shell pieces on view and for sale until Dec. 20 in Deepwater Theater. Photo:...

Music event to celebrate, benefit the coastal nonprofits

Bland Simpson, Jim Wann and Don Dixon. Photo by Bob Gothard To read a profile on Bland Simpson...

Ocracoke inspires children’s mystery book

To catch up on Ocracoke news and much more, click here By Peter...

Artists to paint Ocracoke

Outdoor artist Joanne Geisel paints an Ocracoke harbor scene. Photo: C. Leinbach To catch up on Ocracoke...

Concert provides a bit of normalcy on Ocracoke

The OIRRT fundraising concert Saturday, Sept. 5, at the Berkley Barn. Attendees had to arrive wearing face coverings and could remove...

Remembering artist and Ocracoke Island friend Doug Hoover

‘Highway 12’ is one of many stunning paintings Doug Hoover created in his life. By Connie Leinbach

Gary Mitchell would like the world to agree–at least on love

Gary Mitchell. Photo by Eakin Howard By Peter Vankevich Gary Mitchell says he’s not a...

Michael Corlis’s expansive view of Ocracoke

Michael Corlis took this shot of the Hurricane Dorian-damaged area behind the NCCAT building in October 2019.

More Michael Corlis photographs

To catch up on Ocracoke news and much more, click here Michael Corlis is a longtime visitor to...

Time to get creative with your face covering

Ocracoke Alive wants people on Ocracoke to add some bling to their COVID-19 face coverings. The nonprofit arts organization...