Barefoot Wade

by Peter Vankevich

Barefoot Wade (Wade McVey) has performed on Ocracoke for several years including being on air on Ocracoke’s community radio station.

The barefoot musician has best been described as a “One-Man-Caribbean-Jam-Band.”

On stage, Wade employs the use of acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitars, steel drum, lots of various percussion, keyboards and kazoos.

He is able to play these instruments simultaneously through a process known as “loop sampling.”  This gives the aural illusion that there is more than one musician jamming on stage.  His musical style combines elements of reggae, rock, Americana and comedic country blended into his own original sound.

He kicks off the 2015 season on Ocracoke at Gaffer’s: St. Patty’s Day Party with Barefoot Wade 9 p.m.

You can learn more about Barefoot Wade at his website and Facebook page.

Listen to his original song “Let’s Slowdown” here

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