By Peter Vankevich

Yesterday (March 3) the Ocracoke Observer published an article on the Hyde County commissioners vote Monday (March 2) to eliminate the 10-day waiting period on Ocracoke before builders can obtain building permits.

The story reported that Hyde County Manager Bill Rich said that this action might have to be rescinded and re-voted on because a public hearing was not held prior to a commissioners’ vote.

Building permits are part of the Ocracoke Development Ordinance and any changes to that must have a public hearing prior to official action.

After publication of the story, the Hyde County Public Information officer Sarah Johnson contacted the Observer to say that this amendment to the Ocracoke Development Ordinance will not immediately take effect.  The Commissioners will make a decision following a public hearing at their monthly meeting at 6 p.m. April 6 in Swan Quarter.  Islanders can attend via teleconferencing in the Ocracoke School Commons room. 

The public hearing notice is printed below and posted online here.

Building PH_3_3_15_to_Amend_ODO_Sec_36_172 (1)




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  1. To be clear, building permits are NOT a part of the Ocracoke Development Ordinance. Those are two entirely separate regulations…just happen to be enforced by the same guy wearing two hats. The 10 day waiting period holds up a building permit because you can’t get a building permit until you have ODO approval, but the wait is (or was) a requirement of the ODO.

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