Susan Enan


Update Sunday 1:56 p.m:  Unfortunately, the Susan Enan on-island concert scheduled for tomorrow has been canceled. We hope to have her back in the future. Check out the Youtube performance below to see what we will miss.

Susan Enan is an unusual performer.  Her preferred performances are not concert halls or noisy pubs, but are in people’s homes, called House Concerts, which is a very personal and interactive way to hear music up close.

Born in England, she now lives in New York.  Susan has performed throughout much of the world and, in addition to peoples’ homes, has performed in unusual locations including a cave and in the Arctic.

She will be performing on Ocracoke 7:15 p.m. this Monday (June 1). Tickets are $15. Due to the limited space, to reserve a space, contact the hosts, Leslie Lanier 252 928-3936 or Jason & Karen Scully-Clemons 256-527—5755.

If you are curious, about her music, check out her hit song, Bring on the Wonder, currently on YouTube:


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