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Editor’s note (Nov. 20): photos have been replaced from previously published story.

By Peter Vankevich

Ocracoke School students who excel in academics were honored this week.

Ninety-four students in grades three to 12 made the honor roll for the school’s first academic period. Thirty-six students had all As, and 58 were on the A/B honor roll.

“Considering all the time (seven days) we have lost academically this first nine weeks due to the flooding and power outage, the school did a great job,” said Principal Walt Padgett.  “The teachers played catch-up as did the students, staying focused.  About 66 percent of the student from grades three through 12 made the honor roll. It says a lot about our staff and kids.”

It’s Ocracoke, so floods and hurricanes happen here, Padgett said, adding that he hoped snow and ice later won’t cause more lost school time

Assistant Principal Leslie Cole noted that the school is lucky to have such a hard working staff and many supportive parents.

“And, of course, such great kids,” she said.





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  1. Congratulations to all the kids…. just wish a current photo would had been used. I do not see any of this year’s 3rd graders in either photo 🙁

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