Now that the power outage crisis is over, Hyde County staff will be on the island to issue Ocracoke residents and non-resident property owners reentry passes at the Ocracoke Community Center on Tuesday, (Aug. 8) from 9 to  11 a.m.
If you have an expired pass please bring that with you. Additional documents needed are as follows:

i. A copy of the tax card/tax bill validating that the property is in your name or any documentation verifying residence or rental arrangements.
ii. A copy of a valid driver’s license for each member of the household.
iii. A copy of a valid vehicle registration card for each road-ready vehicle.

To expedite your appointment please have a completed reentry application with you. You can also mail in your application with supporting documents. Information can be found on Hyde County’s website at


  1. If we already have the re-entry tag pictured (2014-2018) does that mean it’s good THROUGH 2018 or must we get a replacement now?

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