‘Zelda the Gypsy’ peers into a palm at Roxy’s Antiques to benefit OcraCats. Photo: Connie Leinbach

“Zelda the Gypsy” will once again travel to Ocracoke from her native home in Romania to do a palm reading fundraiser at Roxy’s Antiques in Spencer’s Market from 6 to 9 p.m. Saturday (Oct. 20) to benefit Ocracats.

Wearing her special cat mask, Zelda reads palms for $10 each and donates the proceeds to OcraCats, a nonprofit group that takes care of the feral cat colonies on the island. Attendees can sample wine and cheese while they wait their turn to discover the messages in their palms.

The mysterious “Zelda,” whose full name according to unconfirmed reports, is “Zelda Mina Vladamire.” She says that she was born in Romania in 1954. At the age of five, Zelda’s father taught her how to read palms.

“Yes, I am happy to tell people who are here about their hands and what I know to see if I can help,” said Zelda.  “We will have fun! Please come all you people of Ocracoke.  You are so friendly and thank you!”

The first 20 visitors will receive cat ears.

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