Ocracoke School’s honor students for first nine weeks of 2017-2018. Photo: Peter Vankevich
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Ocracoke School on Tuesday honored 62 students who achieved the honor roll in the first nine weeks of the 2017 to 2018 school year.
“I am very proud of all of our students,” said Principal Leslie Cole.  “Thank you to Ocracoke School students, staff and parents for a great start to the 2017-2018 school year.”

While in previous years, both those students with all As and those with all As and Bs were honored, this year begins a new system.

Principal Cole said that for the last few decades, Ocracoke followed a 7-point grading scale and honor roll recipients were always those students whose grades were from 85 to 100.

A few years ago, the state mandated all public schools go to a 10-point scale.

“We adjusted our honor roll to this new system, but we did feel this lowered our expectations,” Cole said. “We wanted to raise the bar of expectations for our students that we feel the state lowered.”

At the end of last year, the staff agreed to set it to 85 to 100 for one simple Ocracoke School honor roll, but can’t be called the A /B honor roll since not all Bs are included, Cole explained.  This change is only for Ocracoke School.

She added that at the annual Academic Banquet that honors all recipients who earned the honor roll all year, those students who earn all As all year will be rewarded with a special recognition for this accomplishment. 

This change was made in the parent handbook and also was announced at the Back to School night and to the student body at the start of the year. 

Third Grade:   Angel Garcia, Manol Guerrero Perez, Zoe Modlin, Mia Perez Leyva

Fourth Grade: Eliana Contreras, Sawyer Devan, Angela Flores, Juliette Jordan, Tatiana Martinez, Aidan Mason 

Fifth Grade:    Shayna Brooks, Gabriel Brown, Nicholas Cole, Jacob Daniels, Gavin Elicker, Landon Fuller, Auggie Giagu, Uriel Guerrero Perez, Sally Jordan, Finn Kattenburg, Carter O’Neal, Noah O’Neal, Melanie Perez, Caroline Stocks, Catherine Todd

Sixth Grade:    Alyssa Bryan, Ronald Contreras Garcia, Maren Donlon, Daymon Esham, Emilia Jordan, Christian Stevens, Mariah Temple

Seventh  Grade:  Maggie Evans, Katie Kinnion, Iris McClain

Eighth Grade: Julian Bennink,  Edwin Perez-Benitez, Jackson Strange, Jayden West

Ninth Grade:   Hannah Belch, Becky Boos, Dylan Esham, Mason Fuller, Cole Gilbert, Mackenzie Novak, Alexander O’Neal, Russell Stevens.

Tenth Grade:   Abel Dalgleish, Alan Doshier, Reese Gaskins, Karen Jordan, Paul Jordan, Mila Ortiz, David Styron

Eleventh Grade:  Colby Austin, Alston Belch, Ingrid Contreras Garcia, Taylor Fuller, Teresa Hadley, Kalai Samick

Twelfth Grade:  Liam Caswell, Lupita Martinez


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