Sixty Ocracoke School students in grades three to 12 achieved honor roll for the third nine weeks of the 2017 to 2018 academic year.  Of those, 31 students made all As.

Primary grades

The students and their grades are listed below. Those with all A’s are marked with an asterisk.

3rd Grade:

Angel Garcia, Imanol Guerrero Perez, Jamileht Martinez, Yael Mendez-Amado, *Zoe Modlin, *Daisy O’Neal, *Essie O’Neal, Dulce Juarez Resendiz, Eli Schweninger

 4th Grade:
Eliana Contreras, Sawyer Devan, Aidan Mason

 5th Grade:
Shayna Brooks, *Gabriel Brown, *Nicholas Cole, Jacob Daniels, *Gavin Elicker, Landon Fuller, *Auggie Giagu, *Uriel Guerrero Perez, *Sally Jordan, Finn Kattenburg, *Carter O’Neal, *Noah O’Neal, *Danny Palacios-Badillo, *Melanie Perez, Caroline Stocks, Catherine Todd

Honor roll middle and high school

6th Grade:
*Ronald Contreras Garcia, Maren Donlon, Daymon Esham, Christian Stevens, *Mariah Temple

7th Grade:
Max Elicker, Maggie Evans, *Katie Kinnion, *Iris McClain

8th Grade:
Julian Bennink, Edwin Perez-Benitez, Jackson Strange, *Jayden West

9th Grade:
*Hannah Belch, *Becky Boos, *Dylan Esham, *Mason Fuller, Cole Gilbert, *Mackenzie Novak

10th Grade:
*Abel Dalgleish, *Karen Jordan, Paul Jordan, *Mila Ortiz

11th Grade:
*Alston Belch, John Brodisch, *Ingrid Contreras Garcia, Taylor Fuller, *Mackenzie O’Neal, Jeyson Resendiz, *Kalai Samick

12th Grade:
Mac Kalna, *Lupita Martinez


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  1. Hooray for them! This “pod” of academic achievers may become the Ocracoke Island leaders of the future.

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