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Dogs love Ocracoke as much as residents and visitors, and it showed in the more than 80 photo entries the Ocracoke Observer received in its Dogs of Ocracoke photo contest.

The Observer thanks all of those from near and far for their loving portraits of their fur family members.  The judges had difficult decisions, but the winning photos were cited for quality and creativity.

The top five winners will receive gift certificates to an Ocracoke business of their choice.

August is the “dog days month” from July 3 through Aug. 11, so named because Sirius, the brightest star in the Earth’s night sky, rises in conjunction with the sun in the constellation Canis Major — Latin for “the greater dog.”

Here are the winning photos:

FIRST PLACE: Mr. Marlin Howe, a Springer Spaniel puppy enjoying his first swim ever on Ocracoke Island, captured first place in the Dogs of Ocracoke photo contest. ‘He just loved it!’
Marlin is owned by Becky Brightbill and Randy Howe of York, Pa. Photo by owner’s sister Abby Brightbill.
SECOND PLACE: FREEDOM! Shelter Mutt to Ocracoke Cutie. We rescued this love bug, Cody, from a shelter in southwest Virginia. This was her first time at the beach! Photo by Chris Carson of Richmond, Va.
THIRD PLACE: Porch Time with Atticus, Puck and Maggie. Photo by Allison Serafin of Ocracoke
FOURTH PLACE: Ollie, by Katie O’Neal of Ocracoke
FIFTH PLACE: Bailey, a mini-Daschund, in her first experience in the ocean and on a boogie board with owner Ben Powley of Conway, N.C. She bailed right after the photo was taken. Photo by Erin Powle


Daisy, a ‘fluffy’ Corgie, is the Queen of Ocracoke as soon as her little paws hit the sand. Photo by Jason Harris, Circleville, NY.
Barley Thomson, a 6-year-old rescue beagle coon hound mix, really ‘digs’ Ocracoke… literally! The first thing he does when he gets to the beach is dig a nice cool hole to lounge in for the day.
Owned by Brian and Helga Thomson from Bethesda, Md. Photo by Annette Thomson
Atticus H. Austin contemplates the constant expansion of the universe: Think of it as being in the middle of a circle of cats. No matter which cat you chase they all will be moving away from you, and the cat farthest from you is the easiest one’s food bowl to run to and raid. This, however, will lead to a contraction in one’s off leash universe. What a paradox. Photo by Finley Austin
Our favorite photo of the family dog, Jessie, an English Setter. Photo by Wayne Clark of Ocracoke
Yorkie Riley in his ‘doggles.’ He loves to wear them. No sand in his eyes. Photo by Leslie Bridgers of Wytheville, Va.
Max and Mia by Ken Terzian of Washington, D.C.





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