Peyton Piquard returns as Blackbeard in ‘A Tale of Blackbeard,’ a musical, Mondays this summer, starting Monday, July 1, in the Ocracoke School gym.

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“A Tale of Blackbeard,” a musical play by Julia Howard, returns to the island this summer Mondays, July 1 to Aug. 12, in the Ocracoke School gym.

Written in the 1970s, history, action, romance and humor are artistically entwined in this two-act show featuring an Ocracoke Island cast, produced by the non-profit Ocracoke Alive.

Directed by Desiree Christa Ricker, the play recounts the final days of Blackbeard and crew on Ocracoke Island, the budding romance between one of his young sailors and an island girl, and the battle that sealed Blackbeard’s fate.

In another show, Ocracoke Alive has mined more island silliness this year with an all-new “Dingbatters Guide to Ocracoke, Season Two.”

This comedy is offered Wednesday nights starting July 10 through the end of September at 8 p.m. in the Deepwater Theater on School Road.

A “dingbatter,” coined in the 1970s from the television show “All in the Family,” is a term that locals use for visitors, and arose from some of the wild questions visitors sometimes ask about island life.

“Folks always wonder what it’s like to live here year-round,” said David Tweedie, Ocracoke Alive executive director and one of the show writers and cast members. “We try to make sure everyone is equally made fun of—visitors and residents.”

Peyton Piquard, David Tweedie and Desiree Christa Ricker relate through comedy skits what it’s like on Ocracoke in the “Dingbatters Guide to Ocracoke, Season Two.”  Photo by Eakin Howard

To that end, the all-new skits cover how to ride a bicycle in the narrow island streets, how to find housing on the island, the ghost tours and more.

“Commercials” between the skits also skewer such events as “The Evacu-tation: The Emergency Vacation,” when locals must flee hurricanes along with visitors, Tweedie said.

Another “commercial” hawks the “OcraTeen Ankle Cuff – Ankle Bracelet,” to keep track of your teenagers while on the island.

Thursday nights in Deepwater feature concerts by Molasses Creek, the island’s contemporary folk band, at 8 p.m. starting July 11.

Tickets for all these shows may be purchased online at or at the door. 

Molasses Creek. Photo by Justin Case