If you’re reading this, you’re probably familiar with the blessing that is our coast. It provides us with delicious food and revenue from tourists who come to get a small taste of our home. Our coast isn’t a political issue, it’s deeply personal. 

Offshore drilling, as a hazard to commercial fishing and tourism, threatens coastal economies. It produces and leaves toxic pollutants in our oceans which will harm marine wildlife and our seafood supply. According to National Geographic in 2018, about 195 million gallons of gas are lost to our oceans every year. A coast after an oil spill is not a coast for tourism, recreation, and seafood. Fossil fuel giants aren’t looking out for the small town. We must. It is not just our beautiful home at risk, but our entire livelihood. 

Offshore drilling would not contribute meaningfully to this livelihood. According to the Department of Energy, oil sourced off the East Coast is not expected to have any significant effect on the price of oil. As oil becomes scarce, long-term investments in oil infrastructure will not bring the prosperity they used to. Jobs associated with offshore drilling will be short-term. The answer is not to cling to old and failing sources of energy, but to embrace the opportunities that come with wind and solar energy.

Write a quick email to your representatives letting them know that our livelihood is more important than a dying industry.

Our coast has remained resilient through numerous hurricanes and now through a pandemic. We are strong enough to fight offshore drilling and, in doing so, protect our coast.

Richard Burr: https://www.burr.senate.gov/contact/email
Thom Tillis: https://www.tillis.senate.gov/email-me
Gregory Murphy (3rd District): https://gregmurphy.house.gov/contact

Grace Parker, Morehead City

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  1. But Trump ran and was elected on removing regulations and opening up parks and off shore areas to drilling and commercial interest. Why are you against the voters and Trump?

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