Hyde County Deputy Sheriff Jay Neal on the job on Ocracoke. Photo: C. Leinbach

As the tourist season closes on Ocracoke, the Hyde County Sheriff’s Department has had few infractions to deal with from Oct. 17 to Nov. 30.

Captain Jason Daniels reported the following incidents during that time: four minor vehicle accidents; three injuries to property; one charge of resist, delay and obstruction, involving a domestic dispute that led to an altercation with deputies.

There were two simple assaults and one DWI.

Daniels noted that although golf cart traffic has decreased, there have been some infractions, such as letting children under the age of 16 to drive golf carts.

“When I stop them and write them a ticket for $203 for letting their kid drive, I tell them straight out, you’re teaching your kid to go against the rules,” he said.

Daniels said the golf cart business owners do explain the rules to golf cart renters.

Daniels noted that throughout the time that face coverings have been required due to the COVID-19 pandemic his office has had few calls of people not wearing masks.

A business is private property, he said. If someone is not complying with the rules the proprietor sets, such as wearing a face mask, the owner can ask the person to leave. If they don’t, it’s trespassing, for which the deputies can be called.

During the same period, the Ocracoke Volunteer Fire Department responded to four medical calls and had one medevac.

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