Parking is an issue on Ocracoke and people should avoid parking partially in the street. Photo: C. Leinbach

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At the height of summer, the Hyde County Sheriff deputies on Ocracoke are in high gear.

“We are answering all kinds of calls,” said Captain Jason Daniels, who, when stopped one day around 2 p.m., noted that deputies had already responded to 29 calls.

From June 16 to July 15, he reported two larcenies (items taken from properties); two minor vehicle crashes; one injury to property, and one hit-and-run.

But golf cart infractions have kept the deputies running, Daniels said.

“We are constantly on golf cart patrol,” he said. Sometimes they have multiple contacts with the same golf cart during the day.

Brian Uarte of Kernersville is the newest deputy on Ocracoke. Photo: C. Leinbach

Daniels stressed that sometimes, if an islander spots an infraction and there’s a deputy driving behind, that deputy might have already stopped that golf cart.

Or, that deputy could be responding to a more dire call.

“We prioritize all day long,” he said.

They get a lot of calls where someone thinks a youth driving a golf cart is under the legal driving age, which is 16.

“It’s hard to tell if someone is 15 or 16,” Daniels said. “We make a lot of stops and they show us that they’re 16.”

Daniels stressed that cars should not straddle into the roadway when parked and cars should not park on curves or within 15 feet of an intersection.

“Parking is an issue all over the island,” he said.

The Ocracoke Volunteer Fire Department during the same period had 10 medical responder calls and two medevacs by helicopter, assisted at a gas spill, and responded to two water rescues.

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