By Connie Leinbach

In addition to dealing with dog bites, the Hyde County Sheriff’s Department on Ocracoke has dealt with numerous other infractions from May 15 to July 15.

There were seven reports of accidents, said Captain Joe Smith. One occurred when a visitor did not see the stop sign at Ocean View and Old Beach roads and crashed into an islander’s vehicle.

No one was injured, Smith said, but both vehicles were totaled.

Other accidents involved a bicycle running into a car and a golf cart backing into a car.

A “disturbance” involved a patron who had been overserved alcohol, Smith said. After the person passed out on a storefront steps, Smith roused him, and the man took off.

He reported four fraud cases in which people noticed unusual charges on their credit cards statements from places they hadn’t been.

Smith said that when those charges are noticed, people should report them to the local police as they may be part of a larger fraud enterprise.

There were three larcenies: a store shoplifting, a stolen golf cart and fishing rods stolen out of someone’s vehicle.

Deputies logged 105 traffic stops in that time period with several speeding tickets, one of which was clocked at 108 mph at the pony pens along N.C. 12, Smith said.

Quite a few tickets were in the village, he said, with most of them going more than 40 mph along Irvin Garrish Highway from the bank to Howard’s Pub.

The speed limit village-wide is 20 mph.

In the same period, the Ocracoke Volunteer Fire Department reported two medevacs, 22 EMS assists and one fire call.

Chief Albert O’Neal said the fire call was for a travel trailer fire on Ikey D Road on July 13. Firefighters extinguished the blaze in 20 minutes. There were no injuries, and the fire was not suspicious, but the trailer was totaled, he said.

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