Islander sends his nightly taps into the world

3 Gary Davis plays taps each night at sunset on the porch of his Lighthouse Road home. Video by Peter Vankevich

The mammogram bus is coming to Ocracoke

The Invision Diagnostics mobile 3D mammogram unit will be on Ocracoke July 31 and Aug. 1. To...

How do you approach someone with a substance abuse problem?

When the storms of life happen, professional help is always available. Photo: C. Leinbach

Ocracoke Fig Festival to go virtual

Due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, the Ocracoke community will celebrate the summer’s fig bounty in a new and innovative way Aug. 1 to 8...

Advice on the return of visitors to Ocracoke during a pandemic

Ask a Mental Health Professional installment No. 5 By Earle Irwin Question: Please tell me what I can do about this situation. I’ve got an overwhelming...

Facing the unknown

Ask a Mental Health Professional Installment #4 By Earle Irwin Question: What should I know or do before I go into the ocean? Response: When I received...

If Dorian trauma continues, there is help

For Ocracoke news and much more, click here  Ask a Mental Health Professional Installment No. 3 By Earle Irwin Question: Every time I think I got this...

Rockers concert on Saturday to feature 7-year-old drummer

By Connie Leinbach Some places have world-renowned artists playing “quarantine concerts” but only Ocracoke has 7-year-old drummer Dallas Mason. Dallas, whose native talent as a drummer...

Ocrafolk Festival seeks a poster for this year’s festival that wasn’t

For Ocracoke news and much more, click here  From our news sources So what if we can’t have our 2020 Ocrafolk Festival?  We can still have...

Turning seclusion into something productive

Ask a mental health professional By Earle Irwin Question: For those of us who live alone, this seclusion required by COVID-19 restrictions can be very lonely....