We present two poems by Richard Bryant.

Toward the Meniscus

In the effervescent vortex,
streaming upwards,
towards the meniscus,
of my morning;
I await the dissolving:
the dissolution of life,
amid a murky orange mist,
a substance created,
claiming to heal,
but on this task,
certainly has missed,
for there is no way,
I can feel whole,
drinking this water,
flavored and cold.

 Saramago’s Blindness

The unwilling willingness,
Of willful blindness,
Surrounds me,
Wait here,
Will I be,
Again someone,
Who really sees?

Richard BryantRecently returned from service in Ireland, the Rev. Richard Bryant serves as pastor of Ocracoke United Methodist Church, on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  He blogs at Richard’s Food for Thought.


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