Bicyclists on Sunset Drive, Ocracoke. Photo: C. Leinbach

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By Rita Thiel

The Hyde County commissioner to Ocracoke, Tom Pahl, is seeking islanders’ suggestions to improving Ocracoke’s roads and signage.

The issue has been raised at recent Hyde County commissioners’ meetings and in a special May meeting of the Occupancy Tax Board seeking ideas about how to spend a surplus of $400,000.

Pahl posted the request on his Facebook page.

“I don’t know all the areas that have issues, but the people who live here do,” he said.

He also asks for photos of problem areas in order to be as specific as possible when compiling the list, which will be sent to Hyde County Manager Kris Noble, who will send it to the NCDOT.

Pahl says the DOT will likely prioritize the work according to their available budget.

“This is not an isolated issue, such as one road sign needing replacement,” he said. “We have a systemic problem all over the village and that will be demonstrated to the DOT by compiling a list of our concerns.”

Pahl asked residents to email or call him by July 27 with their concerns and suggestions regarding the roads, traffic issues or other road safety problems to or, he said he’s available by phone at 860-933-0259.


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