Hyde County’s van is available for islanders going up the beach to doctor’s appointments or shopping with driver Elizabeth Dyer. Photo: P. Vankevich

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If you’d rather gaze out the window in a “ride up the beach” from Ocracoke for shopping and/or medical appointments rather than drive, consider using Hyde County Transit.

This transportation service is free to anyone aged 60 years and older. For others, the fee is $3.20 to Avon and $5 for the Outer Banks trips. Outer Banks trips can include requested retail stops in the Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills and the Nags Head areas.

To make a shopping reservation, call the Hyde County Transit office before noon of the scheduled day at 252-926-1637.

To request transportation for medical appointments, call Hyde County Transit as soon as possible. Medical appointments, when feasible, can be made on the shopping days.  

The following is the schedule for the next four months:

Nov. 15 Trip to Outer Banks
Nov. 20 Trip to Avon
Nov. 29 Trip to Outer Banks
Dec. 4 Trip to Avon
Dec. 13 Trip to Outer Banks
Dec. 18 Trip to Avon


Jan. 3 Trip to Outer Banks
Jan. 8 Trip to Avon
Jan. 17 Trip to Outer Banks
Jan. 22 Trip to Avon
Feb. 7 Trip to Outer Banks
Feb. 12 Trip to Avon
Feb 21 Trip to Outer Banks
Feb 26 Trip to Avon 


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